My work is composed of layered sound and imagery that manipulate and redefine the conventional expectations of the audience and normal depictions of the human experience. I try to elude normal interpretation, and to transform the surface meaning of my subjects. I mean to surprise, offend, and force contemplation.

Strongly influenced by dark comedies, creepiness, and uncomfortable laughter; my work follows suit. I want viewers to be amused, to empathize, to feel nervous. Incorporating my own idiosyncrasies, what I like, that which bothers me, my sense of humor and biases towards the world, my work has a specific voice.

My area of study is post-production, and through various processes, I produce rich visual narratives pulling from a variety of sources and techniques in such a way to create a shared humanity. I reference the worlds of literature, commercial television and film. I find and document peculiarities, obsession, people, objects and the line that separates one from the other.

I produce emotionally vulnerable stories, layering together media styles and forms. Presenting worlds using simple portraits, or complex, layered images creates disconnects from traditional interpretation. Most importantly, viewers engage with my work. Ranging from environmental portraits to experimental narrative fiction, abstract image and sound collages to silly performance, my methods and approaches are cultivated from the internal dialogue of the subject that needs to be expressed.